In MilitiaMan 

Article: “In the document … important figures in the law on financing the fiscal deficit that reached Parliament today”   What I find interesting is they speak of 4 months salaries. They haven’t paid the salaries for September, yet. That is very interesting, as they told us they would.  Why have they not?  Well, imo the rate at which they get paid and in an equivalency is in need.  They had to make amendments to the budget law. By not paying the last four months, shows they have an intention to pay but, with an amended budget law for 2020. A substitutive.  I’ll bet the White Papers know full well what the substitute is and they are to be out Tuesday the 13th. It enhances the government revenues to fulfill its obligations to the citizens.

To enhance the exchange rate (mechanism) will create the environment for the Iraq country to go into the market economy where they can be competitive through secondary markets. …Did they raise the rate (mechanism) and not tell us yet or did they just within what is in the above and below past tense data? Starting to look that way…imo  They have the money to pay all four months without borrowing because they have raised the rate? Lets see what the White Papers have to say… The citizens were shown conceptual notes, did they not on the day they said the first step of reforms began on 10/05/2020?  They did…imo!