In MilitiaMan 

One has to think that they cut a deal. They didn’t get those artifacts without strings attached. There has to be a good reason and it is not at a cost with a program rate in mind. No, the deals in investments, reconstruction, energy all come with a cost of a real international rate. The secondary markets require it. This sure looks of you do the right thing, we can get this back to you after you show the world the new rate. Game on folks, game on. imo.

Article: “The White Paper for Economic Reforms: vision and key objectives” Quote: “The Iraqi government has formally adopted the White Paper for Economic Reforms prepared by the Crisis Cell for Financial and Fiscal Reform.” No matter how we slice this, they need an international exchange rate prior to launching. They European Bank of Reconstruction and Development is in the final stages for Iraq’s ascension to the bank. It is with them and along with the Global Accounting Firms of Ernst & Young and Pricewater House – Cooper that are involved with the final requirements. To get to the final requirements tells us this White Paper has already been in play for many months and years already.  To meet with the EBRD and E & Y and PWHC is for to implement it internationally.

They mention…reviewing the Dollar/Dinar Exchange Rate and…they talk about new markets that include commodity markets and above all FOREX. The final requirements appear to have to do with those two key elements of where we are at with this stage of the White Papers. The rest will be over a 3-5-year period. There is an article telling us that the Director of the CBI as of recent, that an exchange rate is expected from 120 – 121 IQD to 100 USD. That fits with internationalism. So the final decisions most likely sorted. Very very very exciting and powerful times we are in. Lets see what the CBI says when they get home… The banks are open for accounts today and tomorrow, fwiw too. To have an exchange rate change as the CBI Director has said would require the NSCNs(LD’s) … imo.