In MilitiaMan 

We have been told the Borrowing law would be set for tomorrow “Saturday”. We have been told the committee needs the exchange data prior to the vote. Also, don’t forget that we were also told that if the vote didn’t happen, the salaries would get paid regardless, next week.  Article: “A parliamentary committee reveals an upcoming meeting with the Finance and Central Bank for this file” Quote: “…the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance to discuss the fiscal deficit financing law,” noting that “the meeting will deal with reducing the money ceiling within the law…” But, now…the CBI and PFC tell us the story. They are to discuss the deficit law next week. They tell us they are to deal with reducing the money ceiling. Well, if that doesn’t make you smile. By raising the exchange rate data, they will be reducing the amount of debt. That is from the CBI. The horse’s mouth. Let’s see what they do next week or in the coming hours even.