In MilitiaMan

Article quote: “…Using various monetary policy tools in order to control inflation and restore the Iraqi dinar exchange rate to a good level, as it was before the Iraq – Iran war (1 dinar pound equals $ 3.30) by activating and activating the monetary tools of the Central Bank with Increasing the activity of the stock market and the banking sector.” Articles today and recently talk about the stock exchanges and the secondary markets…They want it back at a good level too!! Their words and not mine.. imo. Let’s not forget and it is key, that they can and will be able to internally borrow with an exchange rate like they had in the past. My view is if and when they do get back to where they were, that could usher in the stolen monies in the tune of $150 billion. That along with a new exchange rate would help establish a better credit rating, just as automation at the borders and ports will… Iraq is in the drivers seat, now to just buckle up and put her in gear now!!