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Article: “Oil “disturbs” Iraq’s 2021 budget: an expected update of the “dinar exchange rate” and amending the numbers to “reduce the financial deficit!”  Quote:  “…with a special committee from the Ministry of Finance and the International Monetary Fund to update the Iraqi dinar exchange rate before the end of the fiscal year,…” Look who is showing up tomorrow to meet with some key players…The Ministry of Finance and the IMF are talking about a change is coming to IQD exchange rate… They are going to a market economy are they not? They are not going to devalue that is sure, imo. They are going to increase the value, imo by the deletion of the three zeros from the exchange rate. Hence, the need for the new small category notes the CBI spent tens of millions on. The broadcasting of the exchange rate to change speaks out oh so very loudly. Let’s see what they do next.