In MilitiaMan 

Article: “People of experience and confidence …. The Golden Triangle” Quote: “We wish success, success and repayment to the leaders of the Iraqi economy in their difficult mission…will undoubtedly succeed.” Sure looks like the have they system ready for change. They are effectively saying thank you to the three in the golden triangle. The minister of finance, the CBI Governor and the Investment Authority. Combine this with the meeting at the Presidents house last night, the Kurds getting their payments simultaneously and the borders with Saudi Arabia are talking about a $ Billion for the year and that in revenues at the borders within days will be upward…upwards imo is an increase. So for all these items and payments, letters of guarantees, salaries, etc. to all be in sync is very telling. They have the Golden Triangle to thank and they are, as this wasn’t an endeavor that started yesterday. It has been a massive work in progress. Let’s see what they have to say in the coming days. It looks very good, as the rescue is underway. imo.