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Article: “Iraqi Finance announces new developments in the dinar  exchange rate”  They say this is a new development in the dinar exchange rate. Well, fairly sure we can see that this was a part of the plan for some time and they are rolling out that plan…They used the Devaluation on purpose, imo, knowing that there would be effects both of which served a purpose to stimulate the citizens to bring in additional 3 zero notes, citizens feeling that if they devalue again to 1660 they would lose even more purchasing power. Regardless the plan was to be short lived and it appears to be the case now As, we see the Finance Minister has promised today to make an amendment to the exchange rate for positive effects and with supportive measures…It sure looks like the process was to devalue ahead of the revaluation to come as part of the plan has legs. The US Fed told us they can Devalue and Revalue and it appears to be holding true.