In MilitiaMan 

“Economic: Parliament cannot change oil prices and the dollar in the 2021 budget”  So they have it now set in stone. The Central Bank approved the new exchange rates and they are not to be challenged by the Parliament, as it is is out of their hands. The exchange rates are not to be amended…They were told by the IMF that they would change the rate in the then current fiscal year and they did it. They were also told by the IMF and the US FED that they could in the IMFs case change it again in early 2021 whereas, the FED just made it perfectly clear that countries can and do “Devalue and Revalue” their currencies.

So, it appears with all the talk of the 2021 Budget and the Kurds, etc., we can see that the IMF, WB, G7, UST, ITB, AMF, GCC, US State Department, etc., etc., have all had a hand in supporting the effort to get Iraq up out and into the private sector. [It] must be held tight to the chest until the right time to expose the real effective exchange rate to the world. But, if the AMF has anything for us to compare to, we know they are pegged to the USD by virtue of the IMF SDR basket. We know how they express that value too. It is clear as a bell. We are in a vey good place at this stage… imo.