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Article: “Al-Sadr’s Alliance is distancing the Kurdistan Region from delaying the budget and disclosing other differences” Quote: “…the dispute over the Kurdistan Region’s share in the 2021 budget is not the reason for the delay in voting on it by the House of Representatives…” Even Sadr is stating that the reason for the delay is not Kurdistan Region’s share of the 2021 Budget, but, that is about technical differences and issues with the Dinar exchange rate to the dollar. Well go figure. They all know what the exchange rate means to the country. They have been very busy today about talking about the private sector and going global. To do so will require a strong exchange rate, at least not one at a program rate.

It is safe in my view to presume that the new exchange rate would precede any vote or there would be concerns of significant consequences from the people. That vote is slated for Monday… there is pressure from and on many fronts to adjust the exchange rate and soon…Even the UN is pushing hard…imo. I like March in a big way…imo.

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