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Article: “The currency auction stops for a week as a result of banks’ fear of changing the dollar’s price” They have enough dollar reserves to get them through until a new exchange rate is applied, hence the fear of buying now. We have been told that this would happen in the past. They told us dollars will get scarce before the new dollar will be used again. So by staying out of the market reduces risk. With all the international contracts coming in, they’ll need an international exchange rate applied for to facilitate the foreign exchange with freedom of capital. They also note that the budget will be applied in a timely manner while dealing with the exchange rate. All within this week or so.

Will that rate leak out, maybe not? We shall see. There were articles to support that an exchange rate change is coming. The citizens are getting hammered in respect to goods services, pricing, etc…So, I feel comfortable knowing that the fear of the buying the dollar is a sign of a big change thus the closure of the auction. No one wants to be holding the bag and be on the wrong side of a trade with a big move expected to come.. That can be disastrous in magnitude…Therefore, the planning had to be done down to the wire and that wire got started Wednesday of last week so they say… 03/31/2021. Let’s see what the next 24-96 hours brings!! Real close anyway!! imo, it shall be interesting to say the least! Imo.

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