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For the Dinar and Dollar to be interconnected electronically this weekend per an article is a big deal, imo. The USA has told the Iraq Trade Bank that we will support you during and after the process of electronic paring of the USD and IQD. The USA did the same for the CBI, for supporting them along the way as well. The country of  Iraq has Financial Inclusion (E-Gov, E-Commerce, E-Banking, E-Currency, salaries, payments, settlements, etc.) and that also goes for the region that represents the AMF.  We know the Taxes, Fees, Customs, etc., are ready electronically now at the borders, too. They said that accomplishment was a first time ever!!…JPM has gamed a deal with the UST to clear the USD electronically on the BUNA platform owned by the AMF. That platform is an electronic clearing system. All these things took years to accomplish! It is quite clear they are gearing to show their hand…I like it Big Time!

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