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Article: “Ports call for accelerating electronic transformation”   This has been a work in progress for years. They have not just started this. They have been hard at this for many years. Now it is effectively go time…We know the IMF, UN, World Bank, Bank of international Settlements, etc have a pulse in the on goings in the monetary reforms and digital transformation that Iraq is presenting to the world now.

It is very clear they are gearing to interlink globally via land, sea and air…All borders, ports and airports will have codes for all goods. A requirement for Article 8 and or WTO ascension. imo ~ They are obviously educating everyone in the matter.  The most important at this level are the those 200 banks, as they clear money globally… They all have a need to know and at the same time. They got the message…This is very very very exciting times imo!

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