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The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 12, 2020 beginning approximately 6 pm PST – 9 pm EST:

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At this point in time, we are now keenly and unequivocally aware exactly what “Q” meant in stating on several occasions in December 2019: “Something BIG is coming.”

In point of fact, we are now clearly witnessing a MAJOR acceleration by the White Hat Patriots in their ongoing war to take down the Deep State. It is all getting very, very serious now!

We will cover all the latest breaking news regarding Iran, Iraq and the Military Action Plan, which is clearly moving aggressively forward as we have never seen before.

A series of historic and profound events continue to unfold very rapidly by the day — just within the first two weeks of 2020. And much more intense developments are poised to come.

• On Tuesday, January 7, at least 15 to as many as 30 missiles were launched by Iran at U.S/Iraq Military bases inside of Iraq.

Apparently, the missiles were in retaliation for the killing of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani on January 2, near the Baghdad airpot.

• As Iran was shooting off their missiles, a Ukranian airline carrying at least 176 passengers was departing Tehran airport and subsequently crashed, killing all aboard including Iranian citizens. At first the Iran Government denied there was any connection between the missiles and the Ukraine airline crash, yet they have now reversed course and admitted that a missile did strike the airline “accidentally”.


• As a result, just today, Saturday, January 11, many, many Iranians took to the streets to protest their own government’s role in the catastrophic loss of life with the Ukraine airline crash. These protests were even reported by the official news agency of the government of Iran.


• And now a number of credible reports are emerging which are predicting the evil Iranian mullah/Deep State government is teetering and may be on the verge of collapse as more and more Iranian citizens rise up in a unified protest. And even President Trump has publicly thrown his full support behind the Iranian people by posting several tweets in the Farsi language.


• Meanwhile, back in Washington, DC, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced she will finally be sending over the articles of impeachment next week to the U.S. Senate, after attempting to play games with leader Mitch McConnell over the last 23 days regarding the impeachment trial.


• In addition, massive news is unfolding from the United Kingdom as the Windsor Royal family continues to implode from within in a very public fashion.

After Prince Andrew was ceremoniously kicked out of Buckingham Palace for his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, now both Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have announced their intention to quit the Windsor family royal business and to relocate to the nation of Canada.

Is this yet another major sign of the impending total collapse of the British Monarchy?


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Once again, we will have A LOT of breaking news to cover on this very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

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