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Vietnam considered rising star to become emerging market

 A recent article posted on, a news website based in the UK, has pointed out the frequent hope that Vietnam will be upgraded from its frontier-market status to the emerging market status.

June 22, 2023

Hanoi (VNA) – A recent article posted on, a news website based in the UK, has pointed out the frequent hope that Vietnam will be upgraded from its frontier-market status to the emerging market status.

Many years of consistently high GDP growth have been due to a highly attractive combination of political stability with sound pro-market execution from the government which has managed to slash poverty from 17% to less than 5% in a decade, the article wrote.

 “Perhaps the best-known growth driver for Vietnam is its step-change in foreign direct investment (FDI), benefiting from an increase in exports due to what is widely known as China Plus One,” it said.

The country continued to sign more than a dozen key trade agreements during the pandemic-triggered lockdown. These partnerships will make it easier for companies to do business in Vietnam, positioning itself ever more as a manufacturing expert with ease of access to broad, international markets and benefitting from 3,000 kilometres of coastline and the close connections to China.

According to the writing, Vietnam is now moving more towards manufacturing higher-value products, more in electronics rather than textiles.

One of Vietnam’s most critical FDI sources is Samsung Electronics. The technology giant employs tens of thousands of people in Vietnam and is the largest investor in the country, with 50% of its handsets being produced there.

There is frequent hope that Vietnam will be upgraded from its current, off-benchmark, frontier market status to emerging market status by MSCI. The Vietnam stock market overall now meets the size and liquidity requirements to be included, with a four-fold surge in retail participation during the past 2 – 3 years, driven by digital account technology, the article added./.   LINK


Clare:  The government reveals a center that will be a place for the activities of selling and trading securities in Iraq

6/23/2022  – Baghdad

Today, Friday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed the most important tasks of the Finance and Business Center in Iraq, while confirming that it will be a place for the activities of selling and trading governmental and private securities, similar to what exists in the world.

Saleh said, in a statement to the official (fourth) agency, that “the importance of establishing the financial center in Iraq announced by the Central Bank of Iraq lies in the scope of the country’s financial and banking development strategy and a new start in the importance of establishing and building a spatial or geographical location in which the financial operations in which it contributes are concentrated.”

A wide spectrum of institutions participating in financial activity in our country, in which their business is integrated and interconnected in their inputs and outputs, specifically banking business and management of various financial assets and assets, and non-banking financial sector business such as insurance and reinsurance companies, financial investment funds, hedges and various logistical businesses that support financial market activity, i.e. In both its parts (banking and non-banking), it is supported at the same time by various financial intermediation businesses that will use ultra-modern financial technologies.

He added, “The aforementioned center will be a place for the activities of selling and trading governmental and private securities, whether stocks as property instruments or bonds as debt instruments, whether those are listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange and not, in addition to various clearing operations and the general activities of the primary and secondary financial markets as issuing and trading bodies.” Securities.

And Saleh continued, “The financial center includes consulting offices such as the offices of accounting and auditing companies, related legal offices, and credit rating agencies,” noting that “in this way, the financial center is an integrated complex of services and a geographical spot that enables dealers to have direct access to large capital pools.” At the forefront of which are local and international banks, insurance companies, investment funds and the capital market.

And he indicated that “the financial center is an important site in conducting transactions related to modern financial engineering, such as (financial securitization) operations and other management of financial derivatives and their modern tools, in addition to tax regulation work for them.”

He stressed, “The financial instruments approved in the world’s financial markets will find their correct and legal birth in the financial center of Iraq, similar to the financial centers in the world such as Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai, and many of them are in international cities in London, Frankfurt, New York and others. ”   LINK

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Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]    FIREFLY: Iran saying Iraq will be the largest and an oasis of investment in the Middle East region.  They speaking highly of Iraq in new report on Baghdad 1 News.  FRANK:  I told you they would come running and begging to be a part of Iraq.  They can’t steal no more…Isn’t that ironic the country that stole everything from you for decades is now kissing your a double s.

BGG    article…: “Parliamentary Finance explains the impact of approving the budget on the exchange rate during the coming period”.  While I highly doubt there is any direct change of the rate contained in the budget – the currency pressures created by the new methods in this budget may well force the currency higher over time.  So …the actual news for the future of Iraq is pretty decent. Hang in there.


Lynette Zang: The Crisis IS Unfolding NOW! Banks / Corps All Underwater

Good as Gold Australia:  6-24-2023

In this latest interview, Darryl and Brian Panes from As Good As Gold Australia interview the incomparable, Lynette Zang, Chief Marketing Analyst at ITM Trading in Phoenix, Arizona.

The global debt market time bomb is close to exploding. Every second of every day, 24 hours a day, every day, global debt is climbing. The ‘Big Secret’ is this – it can’t ever stop!

It can’t ever stop, because at its core, the modern monetary system is debt based.

The entire world wide financial system is totally dependent on the relentless acquisition of exponentially more debt in greater and greater amounts just to function.

What it costs an hour ago just for the system to function will require even more debt an hour from now just to function. Central Banks, to keep the debt based system going must inflate. That is, they must create more debt.

Central Banks create only one product, DEBT. The ability of a Central Bank to create debt and than issue that debt is how they stay in power.

Central Banks understand that the current monetary system has been pushed to the breaking point, they themselves have done this. Moreover, they have been aware for decades that this would eventually happen – they have been planning for it.

The first stage in the breakdown of the current system is well underway, which can be seen in skyrocketing world wide inflation and rising labour costs. How much longer can this continue before the global debt market totally implodes?

 In a recent survey held by, 7 in 10 Central Banks confirmed that they plan on increasing their gold purchases over the coming year. If it’s good enough for the Central Banks to increase their exposure to gold, wouldn’t it make sense for us to do the same.