MP: Abadi’s promises to provide jobs in southern provinces are ‘fake’


Lawmaker with State of Law Coalition Nahla al-Hababi said on Tuesday that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi’s promises to provide more employment jobs in southern provinces are ‘fake’.

She pointed out that the government is unfair in providing the same number of jobs in all Iraqi provinces.

In a press statement, al-Hababi said that Abadi’s promises to provide jobs are fake, noting that he, in fact, seeks to defuse the current wave of protests before the formation of the coming government.
She added that proving jobs only in southern provinces is considered a government tendency to marginalize the western ones.

Al-Hababi added that the government hasn’t provided any jobs for Iraqi residents in the provinces that incurred heavy losses due to terrorist attacks committed by ISIS since four years.

Protests started on July 9 in Iraq’s southern-most Basra and then spread to the other mainly Shiite provinces in the south.

The provincial council of Salahulddin sent a list of demands to Abadi, warning that there will be great protests if he fails to meet the demands that include creating jobs, completing infrastructure projects, helping displaced families return home, building an airport, and replacing Hashd al-Shaabi forces with the national army and police.

Fourteen protesters have died so far, the Iraqi Independent Human Rights Commission announced on Thursday. And authorities have released 757 demonstrators who had been detained.