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Iraqi Oil: We seek to conclude agreements with countries to establish investment projects

Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail confirmed that Iraq seeks to develop and develop bilateral relations with brotherly and friendly countries.

This came while the minister headed the Iraqi side in the “Iraqi-Emirati” committee, which was held today, Wednesday, according to a statement by the Ministry of Oil.

The minister explained that Iraq seeks, through the joint committees, to develop and develop bilateral relations with brotherly countries by concluding agreements that aim to establish joint investment projects that contribute to the sustainability and development of economic development.

The Minister of Oil added that today’s meeting represents the ministries, authorities and relevant authorities represented in this committee, in order to discuss the most important axes and topics that contribute to activating the joint investment sector, inter-trade, renewable energy, and the dry channel between the Gulf and Europe, passing through Turkey.

He also discussed the financial returns that Iraq is expected to derive from transit taxes, as well as joint cooperation in investment and development of Iraqi ports to be an important base for transporting and storing goods and international trade.

This is in addition to discussing the importance of cooperation and coordination between the ministries and concerned bodies in providing the necessary facilities to provide a safe investment environment, activating the mechanisms of movement and movement of investors, as well as other axes related to investment in the commercial and other sectors that will be included in the meetings of the Iraqi-Emirati Committee.