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Who is “Nechirvan Barzani” the new president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq?

Direct: officially announced the departure of the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, his post, after 12 years with his rule of the region, to Prime Minister Najirvan Barzani, after the crisis situation with the federal government in Baghdad, and the declaration of neighboring countries categorically rejected the referendum of secession of the province.

Masoud, however, said earlier that he would remain “a Beshmarka-fighter in the Kurdish language” and would continue his struggle to realize the Kurdish dream of independence. He will also remain president of the ruling party and a member of the Supreme Political Council, a non-governmental body that emerged after the referendum .

The candidacy of “Nechirvan Barzani” successor to the expectations that “pleased Barzani,” son of the President of the region, “Massoud Barzani,” is the next head of the autonomous region.

Who is Nechirvan Barzani?

“Nechirvan Idris Mustafa Barzani” grandson of Mustafa Barzani, founder of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and his father, political Idriss Barzani, a Kurdish fighter under the rule of former President Saddam Hussein.

Born in 1966 in Barzan, northern Iraq, he immigrated with his family to Iran in 1975 to escape the Baath Party’s crackdown on the Kurdish political movement.

He studied political science at Tehran University, as well as free studies in the United States.

He joined the ranks of the liberal movement as a political activist demanding self-rule for Iraqi Kurds.

In 1989, he was nominated for membership of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in his tenth conference, and was re-nominated at subsequent conferences of the party .

In 1964, he served as deputy prime minister in the Iraqi territorial government formed after the general elections in 1992.

He served as Prime Minister of the Territory for the first time in 1999 as a “technocrat”.

After the region gained self-rule under the Iraqi constitution, Nejirvan Barzani began his duties as prime minister of the territorial government in June 2014 after his participation as minister in the formation of the fifth governments in 2006-2009 and the seventh in 2012-2014, with a secular ideology.

He worked to strengthen the relations of the territorial government with neighboring countries, especially with Tehran and Ankara, in addition to his tendency to revive the economy of the Territory and exploit its natural resources, especially oil and gas, by forging partnerships with international brands.

Adopted a balanced dialogue especially with the worsening situation following the referendum, and launched two initiatives to call the Iraqi central government for dialogue and the abolition of the ban on the land and air ports of the region, and the cessation of military operations.

He was indicted by members of the Barzani family for appropriating the region’s wealth, through their companies such as Cork Telecom and the Carr Group.

Married to Mrs. Nabila Massoud Barzani with 4 children.