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There is a LOT of buzz going on at the various sites. I shall summarize what I found important.


We are in a new 72 hr window that looks “awesome,” extraordinary.” This window began last night at 4 EST and goes until Friday afternoon, which is the beginning of a 3 day weekend for the USA and Great Britain and who knows  whatever other countries.

The tariffs are due to be implemented at all Iraqi ports of entry, sea or land, on Jan 1 (Friday). This will cause inflation if the RV doesn’t happen. It will also be a HUGE amount of dinar shippers must possess to pay said tariffs. It doesn’t make sense to implement tariffs without the RV for at least these two reasons.

All licensed banks in Iraq have been given the authority Dec 28 by the CBI to handle foreign transactions and in particular currency transactions.

Ramadi is looking good.

The lower denominations are all poised in the banks for usage to begin.  There are those who say once the RV happens banks will start giving change and cashing checks with the new LDs and taking all higher denominations  out of circulation.

There is a FIRST time ever huge carnival planned for Baghdad starting on Friday and going all weekend.  It’s a FIRST in the whole middle east.

The oil tankers off Galveston that await a new rate have begun selling oil, now that it’s up $4.

The ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange) was going gang busters yesterday allowing only countries to trade. ISX did more business yesterday than in ALL of 2015 combined.    The ISX will then be CLOSED for 3 days!

Dr Shabibi (the economic guru of Iraq who has been shepherding this thing for many years, was in exile from Maliki, is back but not yet formally IN change) has always said he’d need 3 days of shutdown of CBI and exchanges to transition.  Coincidence?   Not likely!

I know there’s more I cannot find at the moment,, but you get the gist.