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An opinion poll shows 64 percent of Iraqis support Mustafa Al-Kazemi

A poll prepared by the Independent Research Group, representative of the Calop Foundation for Research, showed that more than 60% of the Iraqi people are optimistic about the ability of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to manage the current stage in the country, exceeding the percentage of confidence that Iraqis gave to former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in The same duration.

The group said in a statement, “People” received a copy of it (June 16, 2020) that “despite their division in contentment with Al-Kazimi’s choice (50/50), there was a clear majority (64%) who had a favored opinion of Mr. Al-Kazemi, which is close to what happened Mr. Al-Abadi was in his first month in office, but it is much higher than what Mr. Abdul Mahdi (36%) got during his first month in office.

He added, “The poll also showed satisfaction with Mr. Al-Kazimi’s ability to manage matters until now, as 60% said that he was able to fulfill his responsibilities, which is much higher than the evaluation of the Iraqis to Abdul-Mahdi a month after he took power, where only 46% said at the time that he was able to bear However, care should be taken in drawing conclusions from these figures, as they are the first poll for the opinion of the Iraqis in Al-Kazemi, and because a large percentage of the sample were hesitant in their choices.

He continued, “The results of the same survey conducted by phone and computer use on a random sample consisting of 1,000 Iraqis divided demographically according to the proportional representation of governorates, gender and ages, and during the period from June 6-11, this phenomenon persists in the phenomenon of Iraqi lack of confidence in neighboring countries in general and other international players and low intensity of polarization in Support for these countries on sectarian or ethnic basis, as none of America, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey reached the barrier of a quarter of Iraqis ’support, yet Iran was the least country that won the trust of Iraqis by only 15%, and only 13.5% considered it a reliable partner for Iraq. .

He pointed out that “the interesting thing is that the Iraqi options for partnerships with countries (and unlike many politicians) came on the basis of the interest of Iraq as seen by the sample and not on the basis of ideological, national or religious. Iraqis chose China as the first economic partner for Iraq, but they chose the United States as the first military partner Whereas, they chose the European Union as the first cultural partner. ”

It is mentioned that the statistically permissible error rate in this poll was +/- 4%, with a 95% probability, according to the statement. Source