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The American ambassador in Baghdad: Washington does not want any escalation with Iran on Iraqi soil

The National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, discussed, on Saturday, with the US ambassador in Baghdad, Matthew Tueller, and the commander of the international coalition charged with following up on ending the presence of any combat force in Iraq, General Calvert, the outcomes of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States.

A statement by the Media Office of the National Security Adviser, a copy of which was received by “Nass” (July 31, 2021), stated that “during the meeting, they talked about the outcomes of the Prime Minister’s visit and the technical delegation to Washington, as well as discussing the political and security situation and the security of the upcoming elections.”

Al-Araji stressed that “the visit of the Prime Minister and the technical delegation to Washington was successful by the standards of the state and national sovereignty, and it achieved important outcomes that benefit Iraq and its people with more security and stability.”

For his part, the US ambassador indicated that “General Calvert has been informed of the follow-up to the outcomes of the technical agreement to end the presence of any combat force by 12/31/2021, as well as continuing to provide assistance and support to Iraq in fighting ISIS at the present time.”

And General Calvert confirmed, “readiness to provide support, as needed, to joint operations after the hiatus.”

The US ambassador stressed that “his country welcomes any diplomatic effort that leads to restoring the normal relationship with Iran, pointing to Washington’s unwillingness to escalate with Iran, especially in Iraq.”