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Kurdistan National: Kurdish blocs will attend the parliament session tomorrow

Member of the Kurdistan National Union Bloc, Jamal Muhammad Shakur, confirmed, on Sunday, the participation of the Kurdish blocs in the parliament session on Monday.

Deputy Shakur said in a special statement to PUKmedia, and he was followed by “NASS” today (May 3, 2020), that “the PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party blocs will participate in Monday’s session,” suggesting “voting on the Prime Minister-designate program this weekend” .

He added, “The Kurdish blocs did not receive any names of candidates for Al-Kazemi’s booth.”

Head of the Al-Fateh parliamentary bloc, Muhammad al-Ghabban, confirmed that Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi continues his consultations to replace some of the candidates who were rejected by political blocs.

Al-Ghabban said in a statement to the official news agency followed by “Nass” (3 May 2020), “The political blocs have already agreed with Al-Kazemi to authorize the candidate to choose his cabinet away from quotas, provided that the candidate has the competence, integrity and acceptability and that these standards apply to everyone.” .

He added that “the Prime Minister-designate reiterated the mistakes of the former-commissioner in the curriculum and the mechanism for selecting the candidates, which the masses objected to and requested to correct the path and change the candidates,” stressing that “the taxpayer is continuing in consultations and negotiations to replace the candidates.”

The National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi announced earlier that he was boycotting the session of granting confidence to the commissioner Mustafa Al-Kazemi and not granting him confidence.

The coalition said in a statement, which “people” received a copy of, (3 May 2020), that “the National Coalition has always stressed the need to take into account the national demands that came out in the demonstration arenas and that there be representation for demonstrators, unions and professional unions.”

He added, “We have worked throughout the past period to achieve this, whether through our dialogues with the brother in charge or with the various political forces, but unfortunately we have not seen any positive signs for that, in addition to the fact that the mechanism of selecting ministers was vague and unknown, as well as overcoming popular demands In referring the killers and their protectors to private, public courts. “

He continued, “From this standpoint, we announce that we will not give confidence to this government, but rather we will boycott the scheduled parliamentary session and we will be peaceful opponents of all Iraqi patriots if it is passed.”

The State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki said on Sunday that he made great efforts with the rest of the political blocs to form the new government, but he would not vote on it.

The coalition said in a statement, “People” received a copy of it (3 May 2020) that “during the negotiations, mechanisms were agreed upon to choose the candidates for the new government, provided that the designated Prime Minister deals with all political blocs according to one approach.”

He added, “The path of forming the government began to take a different course from what was agreed upon, which called us to make additional efforts to correct options and nominate candidates with competence, integrity and leadership capabilities from sincere energies in Iraqi society. Unfortunately, our sincere efforts did not end in Correcting this path, so the government formation that Mr.-designate presented to the political blocs came in conflict with the aspirations of the Iraqi people, as it includes a number of controversial candidates who did not meet the required specifications of competence, integrity and acceptability.

He continued, “On this basis, the coalition of state law declares that he did not participate in the formation of this government and did not vote for it in the House of Representatives, and leaves the option to the rest of the members of the Council to take the appropriate decision regarding it.”

Yesterday, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi directed the parliamentarians to come to parliament next Monday, in preparation for the session of granting confidence.

An official statement from the parliament, “People” received a copy of it (May 2, 2020) that “in preparation for holding a session of granting confidence to the new government during this week; the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, instructed the presence of the deputies in Baghdad next Monday, and a trip from the Erbil airports was also prepared.” And Sulaymaniyah and Basra airport flight to transfer deputies to Baghdad next Monday. “

He added, “He will announce the date of the session later.”

In turn, the second deputy of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bashir Haddad, announced on Sunday the details of the session of granting confidence to the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, pointing out thatthe names of the ministerial formation havenot yetarrived.

Haddad said in a statement to the official agency, followed by “NAS”, (3 May 2020), “Al-Kazemi sent the government curriculum and we expect to send the names of the ministerial cabinet in the coming days, and after the arrival of the names, the date of the session for granting confidence will be fixed.”

On the voting mechanism, Haddad explained that “the session of granting confidence will be in the conference hall, and therefore its size will be large and there will be a distance between one deputy and another for health protection.”

He added that “the presidency of the parliament directed the deputies to come to Baghdad tomorrow, Monday, in preparation for the session in the coming days,” noting that “it could be the end of this week.” Source