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New US sanctions package against Iran: restrictions on 100 ships and two companies

On Monday, the United States expanded its list of sanctions targeting Iran, and imposed restrictions on more than 100 ships and two companies linked to Iran’s oil production.

The Russian News Agency quoted the US Treasury Department, which was followed by “NAS” (June 8, 2020), that it had “listed 123 Iranian ships involved in fuel transportation and” ESAIL SHIPPING LIMITED “and” ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN SHIPPING LINES “working in this sector. Penalties”.

The United States of America decided, earlier, to end sanctions exemptions for European, Chinese and Russian companies that allow the continuation of works in specific Iranian nuclear facilities.

“The United States has decided to end sanctions exemptions that allow European, Chinese and Russian companies to continue business in specific Iranian nuclear facilities,” said a US official and another informed source, who asked not to be identified, according to a report published by The Washington Post and followed by “NAS” (May 27, 2020). “.

The sources stressed that “the decision applies to exemptions related to the Arak Research reactor that works with heavy water, and the supply of enriched uranium to the Tehran Research Reactor and the transportation of spent fuel outside Iran.”

“The United States will extend a separate exemption that will allow the Bushehr nuclear reactor to operate for 90 days,” the sources said.

And US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, earlier, to present a new list clarifying Iranian activities that could be subject to additional sanctions, noting that Washington imposed sanctions on a number of Iranian officials, including the Home Secretary.

Pompeo said in a press conference, which was followed by “People” (May 20, 2020), “The sanctions include 12 people and entities, and by Thursday, it will be two years since Iran demanded that it act as a normal country,” again, “demanding that Tehran treat its people according to the principles of freedom and dignity.” .

Pompeo described Iranian Interior Minister Abdul-Ridha Rahmani Fazli as “an evil leader who allowed the killing of Iranian citizens.” Source