In Nathan

I’m more than confident whatever this thing is. Whether it’s the GCR.  Whether it’s an RV or RI or whether it’s a closed shop event reserved for the financial elites…top 25 banks and certain central banks in the world. I’m still very much confident it will be finished by the end of May.  In a sense that whatever this thing is some of it if not all of it will be public. That may take the form of people walking into their local Wells Fargo branch and converting their IQD or even their Vietnamese dong I don’t know. I don’t claim to know…I take real world data points from people I work with, people I transact with and I take this and it’s so compartmentalized and some of the people who are literally at the coalface of this thing do not have a holistic overview of what’s going on. They’ve been given a directive do this.  You do that and why are we doing this?  That’s none of your business. As you Americans like to say, ‘a need to know basis.’ It really is that compartmentalized.