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Dave101:  IKO you really think this is it

Guys, I can’t be 100% because of the PTB Wild Card. Everything appears to be lined up backwards and forwards.

Abby1:  IKO….Are you saying ….thinking tonight? Thanks

Elmerf123456:  Our time is numbered and we respectfully mean this in a great way. That plan has been set and realism is is so more clearer than days of past. Victory shall be sweet and remembered by those who stayed the course and pained by those who could not withstand the final journey.

fish4livn : For those that just joined chat… Okie was invited to OM by elmer123456 and is answering questions… several chat members are transcribing! Thanks transcribers!!!

Dinara:  Elmer brought Okie into Open Mic. I love it!

Pe2las:  Okie’s voice sounds very strong… So happy to hear him

Mr and Mrs B:  everyone is just telling okie how much they love and miss him…God bless Okie

Sailaway:  Okie says RayRen & Tony are THE guys to Thank and listen to.

Nissi:  okie stated when he came into om that he was told by the author of the plan that this would be at the last portion of this year which is why he has not posted or come into speak to anyone. He stated that he and tony are friends and speak at least 3 times a week. this is his 2nd conference call today and thanked elmer! woo hoo

Lealoha:  Okie very proud of Tony and optimistic that we are on the cusp

Dinara:  Okie says that Tony is carrying on what is needed. We are in good hands
Flybaby777:  Tony has done excellent job and i’m proud of him…. were going to be optomistic were on cusp of happening …. some skr’s cashed out this weekend

LadyB22:  He said we are on the cusp of this…. He said from his eyebrows up he’s in pretty good shape.

Flybaby777:    only reason hasn’t said anythng because he had not enough info now he’s comfortable…… 5 in the original baskets

Nissi:  Giz asked okie understood that there will be 5 currencies in the basket…First time on open mic and no reason to come into om but now we are jubilant and expecting this week!!!
Lightspirit:  can someone give the gist of what was said

Lealoha:  Okie – my understanding a 20m dinar cap for contract only; 50M dong cap for contract; 500M – 1B on Zim (but he isn’t sure which one)

Nissi:  okie…caps..20 million dinar cap for dinar / 50 million for dong …….all for contract rate…the rest will be internationl rate…….

IWFG:  20 million cap on dinar for contract rate and 50 for dong contract and .5 billion as Tony explained with structured annuity….

IWFG:  Okie using a brokerage firm, not a bank

Lealoha:  Okie – Concierge service he’s asking for and brokerage firm will give any perk any bank will offer plus total insurance aspects…. Okie – when he makes deposit – net will go straight into brokerage account

Lealoha:  Okie – speaking with Trust Attorney today and working on a specific trust called a Trickle Down Trust – caveats he will need

Flybaby777:  Q iran rial is it a go………… Yes is but not sure first or second basket

Lealoha:  Okie – potential for Rial not as high as other currencies

Nissi:  someone had tears when they heard okie was on om…okie said “i am not an icon just one of you and we are all important and deserving….”

Flybaby777:  Q what advise you could have for all of us… going thru—A gave you hint when said brokerage firm

IWFG:  Okie says brokerage firm and watch for future investments

Nissi:   okie advice in going forward….cooperate entirely with a brokerage firm and future investments that will blow you out of the water

Nissi:  rare earth element mined in peru will be graphene? no one is promoting this on the stock exchange…do homework on it…revolutionary..like apple or mac………

Nissi:  Okie getting texts to  put cowboy boots on and quit flirting with girls

Lealoha:  Okie – turning cell phone off – overseas commitments he needs to honor relatively soon – (sounds like he needs to go)

Lealoha:  Okie – hasn’t been contacted and doesn’t care who makes the announcement!

Nissi:  When tony calls are you going to make the annoucement on tnt call…okie i don’t care who makes the announcement…as much work at tony and ray have done Tony deserves to make the announcement………

Allstar:   Okie is one of a kind. Unique voice and a pure heart.

Nissi:  okie is chatting and flirting and having fun

IWFG1818 :  Callers are so excited to talk to Okie and want to show gratitude…. Confusing on OM… So many trying to talk to him and thank him


Lealoha:  Okie – quite a labor intensive journey that we’ve been on but ready to reach our Destination!! For some strange reason, some gent in Florida is putting Okie and Tony’s # out for 800# and Okie’s patience is thin… Okie – says Prayers have sustained him

Nissi:   okie stating a labor intensive journey….what irriates him someone put his number out stating to get the 800 number to okies phone…he is frustated about that…but prayer has sustained him even thought to sell and get out but is still moving forward….

IWFG Okie says if he was doing any better it would be illegal   lol

Nissi:  okie’s daughter n law is semi alert other times they can’t do anything for her……

IWFG:  Okie says DIL is mobile and up and around but had severe damage

Lealoha:  Okie – waiting on them to push the button now

Lealoha: Okie – heard .33 on Zim but says if you believe that, he has swamp land to sell you, unfathomable to believe it, but it may come out there

Lealoha:  Okie – already dealing with Russia = that’s why 20, 50, 100 year pay out so it doesn’t break the bank (regarding Zim)

IWFG:  Okie baffled by Zim rate but believes that’s why the payouts were created.. Okie says Zim rare seems unfathomable but has some and believes that the payouts will cover rates

Cricket007:  As I recall, when Okie lands, the RV happens. He must’ve landed.

IWFG:  Taking more questions – IKO coming up shortly

MajiGirl:  Dang…..i feel like we’re at a concert with the ALL STARS. WooooooooHooooooooo

IWFG:  Okie says be careful with wealth managers who work on commission

Lealoha:  Okie – you wanna be no advice but his opinion – you want to be very careful when you go to Wealth Advisor but if they are on commission, they’ll steer you where you can make the most money!

IWFG:  First find out how they are compensated

Lealoha:  Okie – Graphene – rare earth – more demand for = used for communication in satellite which are deteriorating which is reflective and military application used – very hard to extract – bulk mined in Peru

Nissi:  would you bypass bank to go to brokers…okie…opinion…be careful when you go to a wealth adviser if work on commission and private consultants will get a bonus. before you go talking wealthadvisers make sure you know what their agenda is. graphene is used in communication in satelites reflective and flexiable and mined in peru……

IWFG:  Okie sounds happy and strong

Tenaj:  I miss the Black Jet

IWFG:  Okie says this time is first time everyone has agreed …all countries

IWFG: Rates determined by participation in war – US and then England, then Canada, then Australia on sliding scale

Lealoha:  Okie – question asked him why today is different – he says financial agendas have finally come to one accord in their thinking – countries – out in left field – the determination by different countries in world, gives higheest initial rate – US gets 1st highest rate, England 2nd, 3rd Canada, 4th Australia, eventually settle down to where all countries have same exchange rate

Lealoha:  Okie – Germany is exchanging some for .50-.90 now… okie – reward countries that performed most in the war

Lealoha:  Okie – different rate in different countries then all ironed out

IWFG:  After a few days the rate will even out…should exchange Zim asap…. Okie has heard .03 to .33 for zim

Lealoha:  Okie – no sign they won’t reschedule for next week – some people with SKRs are exchanging as well as Germany exchanging has never gone on before

Turtle13:  Okie saying people with SKR’s are being paid out right now, never happened that way before

IWGF: Okie said last country to sign off was Phillipines last week

Lealoha:  Okie – last chinese gold acquisition – international agreement for this to transpire – (missed some of it)

Nissi: Iko…said he met john lennon….talking about the world of dinar…I ko..brokerage…up to now he was going wells fargo…okie don’t discount wf china has too much money and will be the last one standing….

Turtle13:  Okie wanting to deal with brokerage because of the insurance aspect they offer

IWFG:  Okie says brokerage will offer perks and additional insurance and stability… Okie says we may need to go to the bank first then move over

Nissi:  iko…do we need to go the banks first before brokerage..okie may have overstepped……….. exchange at bank and then brokerage……

Lealoha:  Okie – consider Brokerage to invest some money with some program and have them register you for Pre IPO, bank won’t tell you how to invest in stock – brokerage house will have foreknowlege of IPOs increasing due to research they do

Lealoha:  Truckerbabe – working now tonight – Okie hauled Oil Equipment

Zebragirl:  Okie was in the oil industry for 43 years.

Lealoha:  Truckerbabe – driving now – expressing appreciation for Okie – Okie saying no driving or texting….lol…. Okie – telling TruckerBabe she’s here for a reason – what a pair!

Dreamer: I miss Okie! I wish it was recorded for us that aren’t on om

IWFG:  Okie initially stated that he’d been silent because he was informed earlier in the year by AoP that the RV would not occur until now… AoP = author of the plan

SheperdGirl:  This is good sign, being that we havent heard from Okie in over a year!!!

Sissy:  For all, OKIE came back and said that you do need to go to bank first and exchange then go to Brokerage firm.

Lealoha:  Okie:  company good to invest in later on – that list is no longer good due to extreme fluctuation – oil will never get to $150 as before – fracking is how came up with one well producing 8 wells – and rigs is less than 1,000….products in extreme demand then, rental biz is in sad shape, what was good investment then is bad now…

Nissi : Iraq in ripe for investment….would not invest until security is under control.

IWFG:  Okie says investments in Iraq – infrastructure, gravel cement

Zebragirl:  Anyway, internet/road building equipment. Think what ppl have not really thought about is get into the business of cement and gravel that has to be imported from Africa b/c they have to have gravel and cement, and then they got their own oil to make asphalt but infrastructure while that’s where the investment is… There will be five-star hotels, cell phone towers, electrical wire…tv stations…water situation is pathetic.

IWFG:  Big hotels, cell towers, electrical circuits, sanitation ripe for investment

Zebragirl:  The sanitary conditions are not anywhere near to code. It is a virgin country ripe for investment. Only drawback is the security factor. I would not invest one dime over there right now until they have got their security problem well under control…will take time b/c of ISIS etc.

lealoha :  Okie – infrastructure and road building and cement and gravel in Iraq – has oil to make asphalt but infrastructure will be great investment – electrical wiring, TV stations, water stations, sanitation, Iraq ripe for investing but too insecure now and might take a period of time….he would NOT invest right now

Nissi:  Okie would not put money in the banks in Iraq just yet too much corruption

Zebragirl:  He’s saying not to put any money in the Iraqi banks. There’s still too much corruption that they’re trying to eliminate, but that’s like you trying to stop the wind

LinnieQ:  What an awesome night for all who got to hear Okie. I remember the days when he was on the weekly call(s) all the time. Memories! What a special special man he is. God bless you Okie!

Zebragirl: I feel like a kid. Like Christmas eve and Santa showed up, just hearing your voice.

Zebragirl:  there was a real elderly lady…in Kansas..and every day she would call and say, “Okie are we rich yet” in a broken voice. “Not yet honey, but we soon will be.” “Okay I’ll talk to you tomorrow” And she had to be 140 years old and she was still chasing that dinar.

Zebragirl:  Okie wants to talk to caller’s elderly mother…. He’s so sweet. He’s offering to talk to her momma if she wants to talk all day long :

Sissy: Wow. Conversation with a lady who has a mother that is over 90 and he told her to give her number to elmer, etc. And he wants to talk to her mother cause she has been it it for a long time and believes in Okie. WHAT A beautiful person Okie is.

Zebragirl:  Okie – this is a nice community to be a member of….pray for each other….

Lealoha:  Okie – has paid for his funeral – first song picked out – How Great Thou Art – and Happy Trails – say the last thing he told us was Happy Trails – when he was shot down and shot all to pieces and his whole life turned around 48 years ago……. Okie – can’t believe how God has put up with him so long – believes RV imminent!

IWFG:  Okie thinks it’s imminent now

Nissi:  okie…one day closer than yesterday…it was supposed to be last week what interfered he cannot find out………

zebragirl :  I see us one day closer than yesterday and I’m not being smart about it. It was supposed to have been last week. There was a very firm schedule. What interfered in that is what I cannot find out.

lealoha : Okie – loves to talk to pretty girls – everyone and their own extent has done all they can do and some of them has made contacts over the years, just like Tony and Ray getting info over the phone late at night and not getting a plug nickle for it Thank you Tony

IWFG: Okie says it was scheduled for last week, Phillipines was last country to sign off, now all in agreement

Nissi:   okie…had he known what a courteous group om was/is he would have been on previously

Zebragirl:  Okie’s gonna go a while longer ’cause these people are so nice and he can’t say no to them, lol.

Allstar:  The capacity is 1200 and it has been full for a long time

Zebragirl:  Okie making a request: Please stop texting me, people!!!!

Zebragirl:  MM: I was in the Air Force 40 years ago. Okie: Flew an F4 B model and D model. B model had 20 cal Galting gun on it and other had 30. F105s. Flew in conjunction with one another…. Okie: Have nothing but highest regards to the ground crews that served us….. Okie: Sometimes when they turned the jammer on it would make us more prevalent and they would shoot at us.

Zebragirl:  MM: Never heard your story in the earlier years. You were shot down at one time?  Okie: Missile went through my left wing and did not explode.

Lealoha:  Okie – their a** was mine…missile went through his left wing but didn’t explode – 6 months in Naval hospital and 15-16 operations!

Zebragirl:  Okie: I was just doin’ a job. I left a lot of friends over there.  They shot me down but they couldn’t kill me.

Elmerf123456:  This is very rare. Okie has not done a Conf call of any type in over a year. Now he’s here for us.

NewCreation:  Elmerf..very cool…his is the voice of Hope.

Zebragirl:  Okie: We’ve all got dinaritis.

zebragirl :  Bishop: Is there anything else that has to go through the Gazette before we see the RV?  Okie: It’s my understanding the three postings necessary to bring this to fruition have all been made. That’s my understanding.

Zebragirl:  Bishop: Use the phrase you used many years ago, if the wood is…. Okie: Then your wood’s green.

Elmerf12346:  Okie had a need to respect his private life and went away. I am blessed to been in his company. He thinks well of Tony and Ray. I asked him if he would speak to our family because he may not get another chance since we are so close. He agreed and we have been hearing something so special! God Bless Okie and our TNT Family. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Zebragirl:  Okie: This year we’ve had quite a round of bad luck….. Daughter-in-law, keep her in your prayers. Her name is Loretta and God knows her last name.

Zebragirl:  Okie: Things have changed so radically over the years. The information I had 6-7 years ago was valid, and right now it’s not worth 2 cents (re the oil fields)

Zebragirl:  Okie: The one thing I can’t figure out, good time to address it. I think somebody when we get to heaven…we will find out, one of the topics of conversaiton is going to be the fact that there were more prayers said relevant to this dinar situation, RV situation, than there were said after the second World War… think God’s left ear is probably sore for hearing the same prayer repeated by everybody.

Zebragirl:  Thank you so much for coming in. Okie: Thank you for being a fellow member in this journey that we are all taking together. Guys. I think I’m going to call it a night. I put grandpa to bed a little early anymore. The older I get the more sleep I need. I have enjoyed speaking to each and every one of you.

Lealoha:  Okie – I’m going to call it a night – older I get, more sleep I need, don’t know that I’ve ever participated in a conference call like this

Zebragirl:  Don’t forget all of the effort and time that Ray and Tony is putting out for all of our behalf and Pam and probably others that I should name, but those three in particular you guys owe a whole lot to. Hope all of you appreciate all of their wonderful effort they’re putting forth that is so beneficial to so many ppl.

Lealoha:  Okie – may come back to visit but in the interim, don’t forget that Tony, Ray, Pam and how much they’ve done for all of us…putting a plug in the jug

Zebragirl:  I’m gonna put a plug in the jug and get out of here. Sio God Bless all of you, I love you, talk to you in the future, and look forward to talking to that 90-year-old lady. God bless all of you and I’ll talk to you later

Smartblonde55:  That was SUPERFANTASTIC! Thank you transcribers

Xrayokie:  That was the most exciting thing that has happened for a while Thanks Elmer and Okie