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Predictions: Abadi when winning a second term .. will do 5 things
As the next parliamentary elections are due to take place on May 15, questions have been raised about who is the most likely political figure to take over as prime minister. And what is its government program, which will work at the next session?

According to political forecasts, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi is the most likely figure to win the second term because he has the admissibility of most of the political blocs and international and regional support. He also succeeded in some issues, including liberating Iraq from the organization of calling the terrorist and imposing security in Kirkuk.

Observers confirmed during an interview with (One News) that Abbadi will target the popular crowd and some political figures in the fight against corruption, as well as the change of heads of independent bodies and directors and ambassadors, mostly of political parties.

“Abadi will win a second term because he has received considerable support from the United States, the Gulf states and other countries in the region because he is carrying out what these countries are trying to do: to distance Iraq from Iranian tutelage,” he said. “He also has the admissibility of most of the political blocs , Which will facilitate the process to win the second mandate in accordance with national consensus. “

“The first issues that the prime minister will have to do if he wins the second term is to rebuild the country so that Iraq can rebuild its relations with the surrounding countries and the region. Washington wants Iraq to be a state with a strong government,” he told The News. Is consistent with its policy in Iraq and this is what I found in the character of Abadi, she wants to win Abadi second term in order to remove Iraq from Iranian hegemony.

He pointed out that “Abadi will work to integrate or abolish the popular crowd and this is what began by issuing the Diwani order to organize the structure of the crowd by stipulating that the age of those joining the crowd and its leaders should be graduates of military colleges. Elements of the crowd within the military system, “pointing out that” the goal of issuing the Diwani order is to keep the mullahs’ ideological-oriented crowd away from the popular crowd, which will facilitate the process of dissolving or canceling it in the future. “

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced the upcoming parliamentary elections on May 12.

Abadi said he formed a “transient sectarianism, discrimination and discrimination” coalition called the “victory coalition” to run for parliamentary elections.

For his part, stressed the strategic expert and al-Hashemi that Abbadi since the beginning of his presidency of the current session has made important achievements on the ground, the liberation of the land from the control of the organization calling for the terrorist and strengthen Iraq’s external relations, and prevent attempts to divide Iraq.

Al-Hashemi told (Wan News) that “Abadi in the event of winning a second term will complete what he has done is the development of foreign relations and the development of anti-corruption program and the reconstruction of the State Institution and the development of the Iraqi economy, one of its priorities will be in the next stage to turn the economy from rent to investment.”

He ruled out al-Hashemi Abadi government to reduce the number of ministries because Abadi worked on this in the previous period and reached triviality to the lowest, especially if formed a government of national partnership and this is what the next government is going to, but in the case of the formation of a majority government there may be a number of ministries.

He pointed out that “the popular crowd is a security force belonging to the military system and is one of the formations of the armed forces and operates under the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, as Abadi can integrate the popular crowd within the security forces and this of his powers, but he refuses, especially after the organizational restructuring of the work of the crowd, Noting that “Abadi will also change some of the Directors General and heads of independent bodies and some ambassadors of Iraq in the States.”

“Abadi will work to combat corruption and will target some of the political figures accused of corruption, and this is what appeared in the previous period,” he said.

Abadi is credited with rebuilding the Iraqi army quickly and defeating the terrorist “da’ash” organization with the help of the popular mobilization forces.

Abbadi issued Diwani’s order to organize the popular crowd action, which some saw as a resolution that would support the presence of the popular crowd and guarantee its rights, but others saw it as targeting some of the factions involved in the popular rally.

Revealed a deputy close to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the preparation of the latest comprehensive report on administrative and financial corruption in preparation for the launch of a large process to prosecute corrupt, while confirmed the war promised recently will be launched early next year 2018.

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been working on a detailed report on public funds smuggled out of the country, as well as money-laundering and administrative corruption,” Jassem Mohammad Jaafar said in a press statement.

“The report includes tracking all the money that has been smuggled abroad since the time of the previous regime and until now, as well as the bank accounts of senior officials accused of corruption previously and currently.” He added that “the report includes all the details after using international experts in the field of integrity and money laundering.

“The campaign aims to correct the course of the government and prevent the smuggling and theft of funds and the continuation of administrative and financial corruption, as well as the return of large amounts in favor of the state treasury.