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OWoN GCR/RV Intel Discussion from October 26-27, 2017



John, I don’t know how this fits. But for the currencies, taxes, and TRN’s…when will the holidays play a factor in making the right decisions before these political morons go on vacation and this gets pushed into February and March of 2018?   Hopefully it doesn’t…

JOHN:   THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2017 AT 9:42:00 PM MDT
TRN’s allegedly arrived in blocks in Zurich yesterday. The funds Consolidators are waiting for the directive to release. Still to be confirmed yet, its only 04-45 here Friday morning but we are on it.    But, as with the Kennedy files, will Truth and Justice happen? Trump allowing the holding back of Kennedy truth is appalling. WTF?     We wait on Treasury confirmnation.

GTFRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 AT 2:19:00 AM MDT

Hi John, Just checking if it’s possible to share on any progress on the 72hrs time frame you mentioned yesterday. Did it extend to 96 hrs or no time limit now? Thanks much!

JOHN:   FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 AT 2:54:00 AM MDT
It’s extended and we are right in the face of the Treasury, who told us to put the heat on the Fed. Passing the buck! But, in this war of attrition, calm nerves and focus are all. Standard policy is to delay so claimants go away. Facing them down by the hour every hour. Bankers always delay transfers between Friday and Monday to get free week end use. Also, few Bankers work after Friday mid day and don’t wake up on Mondays. Tuesday to Thursday are the 3 Banking days. They are now getting the heat on multi fronts. So, another week, as clients freak.

GT:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 AT 5:00:00 AM MDT

Thanks for the update man. Just incredible that they had the opportunity to do Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (non end of week days days), but there it is still….

JOHN:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 AT 5:07:00 AM MDT
Let’s wait and see if the TRN’s in Zurich unlock for distribution.

TERRY601:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 AT 7:54:00 AM MDT

John, A few weeks ago you mentioned the possibility of a Zim PP and two west coast deals getting done because they were low volume deals. Are those deals still tracking or have things changed course. Congratulations on getting your South Asian clients done, and thanks for all that you and your team are doing to help us.

JOHN:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017 AT 7:58:00 AM MDT
Terry The Zim team are locked on waiting. Others are in a process chain. Lets see what next week breaks free.