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From OWoN (One world of Nations)

LOOKING FOR TRUTH: John, Thanks for your valuable insights. Now that the Petro Dollar looks to be finished based largely on the Petro Yuan’s introduction when do you see the new Asset backed Dollar being introduced? I know some weeks ago you were optimistic about it being introduced. Has its introduction being stalled or delayed?

JOHN:   Waiting on Trump to be told when to unleash it. It will all unfold as part of the RV sequence and be forced if the RBM asset backed Bonds come first. Once the AU and asset backed RMB’s come out, game over.

As US Hegemony is ending,and the Cabal is being battered, they don’t know which 3 card paper trick to play next. The US is just an illusion, now in a state of confusion. Thanksgiving dominates their minds now for a week.

TINO: Just for clarity, it is truly a by-a-day,by-a-week, matter, and that the clock is truly ticking for the other side? (Especially in light of your 20-point missive above.)

JOHN : Yes Tino Day by Day and even by hour as anything can break by the hour. If they fail to move soon, the other side, will be right up their Back- Side.