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“This May Happen” – Intel via OWoN Comment by Canauzzie


Word around the water cooler is:

If things go to plan this “May Happen” we will be working the week end trying. TRNs are so far being scheduled to go live at 2300 UTC+8 on 23 Oct 2017 (NOTE: Timing independently confirmed by our (withheld) source a couple hours ago).

Everything was approved at Moscow meeting this week! If things are disrupted, petrodollar replacement goes live Monday AM without the US.

TRNs are now fully approved in US. Plan is to run two US currencies for 2-5 years and then phase out FRNs at some discount (That will be a blood bath!!!).

Large battles are waging trying to stop things and were still underway as of this morning. The Cabal was fighting but sued for peace today (we will see if they are capable of agreement).

Sovereign’s Currency Funds is going to plan and if approved are to be released Monday (Interesting: funds being distributed by BofA, WF and Citi from the City – NOTE: not JPMC). Confirmed by the bank handling (withheld) transaction this afternoon European Central Time.

So now, what can go wrong – again? Be assured they will try everything to stop it. If processing, this de louses Zio Rats like a Rodent powder!

Source: One World of Nations