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PIR 07 21 20

Major things are about to happen economically and the insiders and top people know this.

Tomorrow Judy Shelton should be confirmed by the Senate into her position at the Federal Reserve. She is Donald Trump’s favorite pick and a supporter of the Gold Standard. She is the final person that needs to be in place to roll this thing over into something new.

Say a few prayers for her as she faces opposition because the deep state does not want someone who is a white hat and wants to return us to a Constitutional , legal standard of gold money and totally supports the Federal Reserve returned to or assimilated by the US Treasury

She is very vital to the plan of the White Hats and the Q team.

Remember also that Trump said starting today that the “Next 8 weeks are going to be incredible”.  What does he mean by that?   Well trust the plan, keep your eyes open and stay positive. Everything is going to change and it begins this week.