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PIR 07 28 20


We are looking for something big this week! We are anticipating going back to a Gold Standard.

Historical Replication:  We had Richard Nixon in the 70’s remove the US from the Gold Standard with an Announcement. It was within the President’s Authority to do so. He did it and he did not tell Congress. He did not tell the Senate….He just did it himself.

It was said that there was only 10 people or so who knew he was going to do that. It was a tightly held secret. It happened in the evening….there was an announcement and Boom….We were off the Gold Standard.

Now, historical replication tells us that President Trump can do just the opposite. He can return us to the Gold Standard with an announcement, and a Presidential order. So we do not need Congress to go back to the Gold Standard. The President of the  United States can make this decision. There is a high degree of probability that he will.

Will he do it this week? We don’t know. What I am looking for this week is  an announcement on the next stimulus bill. What POTUS has in it through his negotiations is infrastructure money. Mnuchin and Kudlow have been working on it. And it’s the Infrastructure money is the key that unlocks this.

Again the talk from the Trump Economic team in the past is there are Trillions of dollars of “Private Money” sitting on the sidelines, and recently from a Fox Business news story, we talked about Historic Chinese Bonds, and the holders of these bonds have met with the Trump administration and how these can be used to infuse massive amounts of money into the US economy through investments.

So, I am anticipating this key to be turned. This button to be pushed and this switch to be flipped…and then all these big changes will start.

Again, with historical replication we could get a surprise announcement from President Trumo reversing what President Nixon did, and restoring the Gold Standard in the United States. Be on the lookout for that.