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PIR 08 10 20

I have some news to share with you….This is from the Board of Governors from the Federal Reserve System. This came through over the weekend and it was a midnight release…..that’s how they do things like this.

Basically they announced details of a “new 24x7x365 interbank settlement service with clearing functionality to support instant payments in the United States” (See link below)

If you are not aware of what this means…..this is the QFS and the Quantum financial System is online!

This is a big deal…a really huge thing. This was released this weekend but they also released this today on 8-10-2020

The Federal Reserve Board announces that Individual Large Bank Capital Requirements which will be effective on October 1st. Which means basically that large banks capitol must be increased and they must have additional cash requirements to cover things. This is basically like Basel 3….this is the deadline here in the US to make sure all the banks here are complient and have sufficient cash requirements.

This is countering the fractional reserve banking system we have been operating on and getting ready to go to the new Gold Standard. This is a big deal too. And it’s doubtful you will hear these two news articles on the MSM….(See link below)

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes.   There is also news of a “Quantum Internet” Things are changing……..