Patriot Intel Report

PIR 03 26 20

The Black Swan Event: The Senate has passed a 2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill …it unanimously passed…..and it now goes on to the House of Representatives. . Many of those will be voting remotely.

There is other money on the table and there will be multiple waves of this.  People at the Whitehouse have said this will add up to 10 trillion dollars. This is the beginning of flooding into the economy trillions and trillions of dollars. This is big economic news.

The value of currencies are very relevant to the GDP and economic health in nations. With oil prices there is a ongoing attack on the Petro dollar. You will see markets continue to go up and down until it comes down and we can rebuild with the new economic system that we are transferring into right now.

You are witnessing it…..For years people have been asking “When will we see economic change?” Well, you are living it right now so buckle up.

We could potentially see the House of Representatives release and sign off on bill today Thursday……then we could see some big economic news following that.

The G20 meeting is going on via internet right now.  This is the first time its been done remotely with all the world leaders…. We will see what comes out of this….there is going to be some changes.

We are expecting some big, maybe shocking economic news.