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PIR 11 06 20

At about minute 10:00 From the verified Associated Press PRIVATE news feed only seen by networks. Not a single news network reported on it: From November 4th.

Article:  The DHS announces election audit sting. After a contentious US election sparks confusion and outrage from election skeptics. In a stunning turm of events, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that there was a Federal Government sting planned and executed for this election.

It was established that this was intentional to determine the margin of fraud in the election system. With confusion in the election results as it is, the amount of fraud found in this sting is staggering.

More than 14 million ballots have been reviewed nationwide for the DHS new Election Countermeasure as of 7:18 om est (on election night) and 80% of the ballots failed the integrity check under this measure.

The highest frequency of those “non-marked “ ballots is coming from Arizona and Michigan where over 48% of the counted ballots did not contain this watermark. These votes are overwhelmingly supported by the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

This election countermeasure was not endorsed or briefed with the President or candidate Biden

This was a background audit that has been planned since May 2018. In this scenario it is too soon to tell what this audit will do. . End of article.

PIR: This article verifies that there was sting operation. So do not be dismayed. Much information is coming out from many places that there is rampant voter fraud….all is not lost. The truth will come out.

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