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PIR 04 09 20

The Fed in the US unveils new bailout program.  Will provide up to 2.3 Trillion dollars in loans to support the economy. They are flooding the economy with money …they are making it flush….and why not?

They are bringing the old system down so why not throw money out there to the people. President Trump says he wants money to the people….money directly into the accounts of people. So flow it out there, let it go and the fiat system we are currently on……BRING IT DOWN. And while doing it give some to the people!  Why not?

This 2.3 Trillion additional that will go into the economy does not include the 2 Trillion that just went in for the stimulus.

Many people are asking when will we see our stimulus checks. Well, they are saying at the beginning of next week around the 13th and 14TH  we should see small business loans and direct deposits come through into people’s accounts. Right after Easter. Just like POTUS said when he wants a Boom in the economy