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PIR 05 01 20

Its May Day……many states are starting to lift restrictions from Covid 19

Many economic changes are expected as well…Remember Trump has said that eventually currencies will be worth 1-1….

We are also looking for phase 4 of stimulus including infrastructure funding. This is the one where President Trump is going to introduce and demand infrastructure money.

I personally believe this next wave of stimulus with the infrastructure money in it will be cover for massive amounts of money entering the economy from multiple sources to fund infrastructure projects nationally.

I mean big ones….high speed rails, mag lift trains, new kinds of technologies……and I remind you that for the past 3 years President Trump and his economic team have hinted upon and talked about the infrastructure ….they wanted to do this a long time but could not get it passed.. This is to be the introduction of Trillions of dollars of funds coming from private sources “on the sidelines”

Private moneys…yeah…..and months ago the Trump administration was working with China on the historical bond issue…….this was in the news…..where there were historical bonds issued by the former Chinese Government many years ago and these bonds were used to rebuild China.

These bonds were the Super Petchellis, railroad bonds, different bonds with different names but they are historical bonds and there were actual negotiations between the Trump administration and China about the reacceptance and activation of those bonds. This is a lot of money and here is the interesting thing…..where are these bonds…….oh, that’s right ….they are in the hands of private investors and private groups.

This means if we see the activation of these historical bonds it would  bring trillions of dollars activated into the private sector.

Perhaps this “private sector” money could be used for “projects” here in the US and other places? Well, this is not speculation it is from the news.

We are on the precipice of something major happening… do not be dismayed and remember to be on the lookout for something good.