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We are waiting for the next stimulus “The Hero’s Act” to be passed…should be the final one……when its possibly passed in the house today and goes to the senate for a compromise to be worked on…….
What we are looking for …the KEY to major economic change is the infrastructure monies that President Trump and his economic team has talked about for years with the “Trillions of dollars of private money sitting on the sidelines” that will come in and help with infrastructure projects here in the US.
This GCR may happen in a way nobody expects…there will be surprises. …and there are things happening behind the scenes.

More financial news that we have talked about in the past. Historical Bonds. This is from Fox Business News about 20 hours ago…….1.6 Trillion in century old Chinese bonds offer Trump a unique leverage against Beijing….Be sure to check the link below…..
Now President Trump is negotiating this…..We saw articles 2 or 3 years ago when this began. …This is a big deal.
“Bianco spent a year researching the issue and working with the White House, State Department, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, former Congressman Bart Gordon and former Congressman Walter Jones when the American Bondholder Foundation was founded in August 2001.”
“While there’s a “plausible legal argument” for redeeming the bonds, Lienau said, it’s “politically difficult.” Bianco, who met with Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin about the matter in 2018 while the U.S. and China were negotiating a phase one trade deal, said the U.S. Treasury could take the bonds in and use them to offset the nation’s debt with China.”
You have heard me say in the infrastructure bill there are trillions of dollars of private money sitting on the sidelines waiting to enter into the infrastructure plans when its approved…….maybe those private monies are these historic Chinese Bonds. There are actions being done on this right now…..
President Trump says he will not sign the new stimulus bill without the infrastructure money in it
These historic bonds are in play right now.