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PIR 05 18 20

The big economic event happening is the ongoing “Black Swan Event” that we are experiencing around the world….. Here in the US we are watching for the 4th and probably final stimulus bill to pass dealing with the “plandemic” that was unleashed upon this nation….….That bill was passed Friday by the house but it was dead on arrival in the Senate….we knew that. They will finally agree on something….possibly this week.

The big thing to look for in this bill is “infrastructure” money. That’s big. This will be a key that unlocks some major things.

So look forward to the passing of the final stimulus bill….it will more than likely also include money for individuals and families here in the US as a form of relief from what is happening to our nation.

They are talking about an additional 1200 for every person….it may be more.  If they do not inject money directlyinto the hands of the people ….this economy will fall into a depression.

This money will help bring down the old financial system…….and the new system is waiting to start.

Expect the unexpected. The storm is upon us.