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PIR 05 19 20

There are different stimulus proposals being discussed and there is one you may not have heard much about. This one is called , I believe  is the  “Eagle Act, or Eagle Plan” it’s something like that….. and has been put forth by the White House.

Basically every man, woman in the US would receive $5000, possibly $10,000 as a zero interest loan from your Social Security.

How this would work…no matter what age you are….you would receive this money and when you are at the point when you start receiving your Social Security at your retirement, those monies would be paid back slowly through your Social Security payments.

The interesting thing I found about this is how it would work…..they would be issuing cards like a debit card straight from the US Treasury and they have already begun doing this.

They launched a pilot program yesterday. You can find it on the Treasury website. These people receiving the cards are actually getting US Treasury Bank Accounts.

Think about this……and the monies put on the card can be refilled by the US Treasury . You can buy things directly with your US Treasury card …it will come directly from your US Treasury account.

We have been looking for a change to the US economic system…..We have been looking to move away from the Federal Reserve. Returning to Constitutional Money with the US Treasury.

Well hello…..look at this…..we would go directly from the current Federal Reserve banking system to using the US Treasury….

Now this plan , per Jarod Kushner….these cards are going out right now people…..and everybody in this nation would have a US Treasury bank account. And you would have a card to spend at stores or online….. or transfer funds to your current bank accounts….

Like I have been saying “Expect the unexpected” This will happen in such a way that a lot of people will be surprised about this…..People keep asking me “When will we see financial changes?”  “When will we see the death of the Federal Reserve?” Well like Q said…”It will be transitioned and there will be a restructuring of the Federal Reserve”.

WE ARE WITNESSING THAT!!  Every man and woman will have a US Treasury bank account and our own US Treasury Bank Card…..These are interesting times.