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PIR 05 20 20

Be on the lookout for changes…..unexpected changes economically

The head of the Fed Powell and Sec. of Treasury Mnuchin were answering questions in Senate yesterday and the head of the Fed said we need and get money into the hands of the people now in order to minimize and avoid further damage.

I believe this is the process of bringing down the Federal Reserve and giving control back to the US Treasury. Do not be surprised to see funny things happening like we talked about yesterday with the US Treasury debit cards going out.

One of our listeners told me his wife is receiving one of these cards….she is supposed to receive it this Friday the 22nd. So we will start seeing this around the nation.

This is unusual.  Some people say this is a pilot program to get things set up for the next actual stimulus when it goes out…..and people would have an account directly tied to the US Treasury.

It says right on the Us Treasury with a picture of the card that you can use this card for shopping, or whatever and you can transfer funds right to your current bank if you choose to… with no fees.

Expect the unexpected… changes will roll out in the way that most people do not expect.