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PIR 05 25 20

Welcome to the Storm……We expect the Perfect Storm to last until June 21.

Be on the lookout. We are expecting this “global Black Swan Event “to turn into something more evident. We are seeing the takedown of the old system. The “Plandemic” was quite a blow to the economy but that is A-ok.

Why would I say that? Because before you bring in the new, you have to take out the old. We will all get through this and the world will be stronger on the other side. We will have a new economic system.

In the Us there is more stimulus coming. I believe it will be more than people realize.   They will burn it up before they change it out. President Trump and the White Hats are going to use the death of the old system to help people in a big way before the new system is switched over. And that could be at any time.

So be on the lookout. . I think people are going to be surprised.