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PIR 05 27 20

As I have been saying we are looking for the next Stimulus bill that’s coming out soon in the US and there looks like there will not be a debate about it until June 1st.  The Senate is on vacation but there is work going on behind the scenes.

The Bill that the Democrats sent from the house was dead on arrival. I do believe that the people will be surprised at the stimulus bill that comes out.

In it will be things that will change the economic trajectory of the US and thus the world. I also believe it will be a cover for quite a few things.

Remember when we covered “Chinese Historic Bonds” a few weeks ago and we are seeing some major disclosures coming out about “Deep State Activities”.

President Trumps new Press Secretary is talking a lot about the activities of “The Deep State” .They are now on the offensive.   Durham is about to drop the “MOAB” It is about to happen.

We are in “The Perfect Storm” .  The perfect storm for economic and geopolitical changes is here.

Expect the Unexpected