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PIR 06 02 20

Hundreds are being arrested right now in Washington DC and they are charges as terrorists…..they will be jailed for a long time. Other charges are attempting to overthrow the US Government and destruction of public property.

All it takes is 5 cities in the US under civil unrest for the President to declare a National Emergency. He can send in the National Guard, Special Forces, Military and special operations to those areas.

Well, they are already there (wink, wink)

This is the perfect storm. This perfect storm that began May 22 and we could see it peak on June the 5th.

I think this Friday and this weekend is going to be crazy….This is warfare and this is real.

Trump declared yesterday that there will be law and order. Trump was elected President to restore constitutional law and drain the swamp……..He laid the gauntlet down to the Governors to take care of these riots or he will…..

Watch for military tribunals ……be of good cheer and good hope.