In Peggy68

My thoughts, IRAQ has escrow accounts from every country in the world that they can get from now til June 30th, but they need that rate 1st!

Lots of High End officials will be Iraq tomorrow, IMF is giving them another 38 Million or Billion I believe tomorrow or after they post a rate, too much reading brain overload…

International contracts were put out for bids and the application deadlines for most were June 11th…they are ready to get to work!

5 events dominate the global markets next week…

Investors around the world await a number of important events over the next week, amid special attention to policy decisions of cash in several countries.

If it doesn’t happen this week it’s the end of the month!

But I still feel we will see the International Rate announced this week and on Forex 13th-16th June!

I know it could go anywhere between now & 30th but I think the above is possible.

International Rate here we come.