In Petra 

When we talk about reconciliation [Saturday’s Middle East Summit in Iraq] nothing drives people more together than money.  The fact that all these countries are coming together there’s definitely a financial component to this meeting.  IMO the majority of the meeting is how they all can benefit.  All boats rise with the tide.  I think the tide is rolling in…the timing of this has been sequential.  It’s been strategic.  Kazemi doesn’t do anything until he’s basically done it and then he reports on it…all the tools are ready to begin the ‘new mechanism’ to start and launch the new Iraq.

Petra  I think that’s what they’re doing tomorrow [Saturday] is opening Iraq to the world IMO.  Otherwise why would everybody be showing up?  Over the years Iraq has always claimed ‘We’re going to do something.’  Everybody shows up and nothing.  It reflects in the 2018 Kuwaiti conference.  Billions of dollars on the sidelines and yet Iraq didn’t do what they said they were going to do.  So everybody backed off.  Clearly everybody is showing up because they were told they were going to do something.  We are definitely in the nexus.  It’s an exciting time.  I’m more than encouraged.

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