In Petra 

We got the new director of the Iraqi Trade Bank of Iraq…Kazemi replaced him.  We now have a new chairman for the National Investment commission.  We have a new Chairman of the Securities Commission.  We’ve got a new Deputy of Operations for the Iraqi National Intelligence Service.  We got the new Chairman of the Integrity Commission.  All these people have to do with finance and law and enforcing law.  But to replace every single financial leadership position in the country [Other than two banks]…talk about excitement.  People have got to be ecstatic that he has basically come in here and changed every single person that has anything to do with finance in the that country.  I have got to believe that was a requirement from the Fab 4…I’m very very excited about what’s happening.  It’s all happened so quickly.  And we’re still within the 30-day timeline of when Kazemi was in the U.S.  All this has happened in less than 30 days…it keeps getting better.