In Petra

So we see several articles today discussing the vote by Parliament for the Finance Deficit Law to which they agreed to pass and then pay the salaries. The key point is the sense of urgency now being presented that they must get this law passed. Why? Well, first of all the citizens are irate and want their money…But look what else is happening with all this focus on the Finance law…Netherlands coming into Kurdistan…SA signed agreements for 13 items including Ports, Boarders, Oil/Gas, Education/Industry, TRADE, and agriculture. The CBI Governor of Iraq and the CB of SA governor was there yesterday as well. And reportedly, the Crown Prince is to be coming to Iraq today as well. Why? Something important I’m sure… South Korea getting in the game and now we know China is engaged. All at once….why? (wink).

Now, the CBI is opening a branch in the new Port of Abu Flus…wouldn’t that make a statement of being International? So many great things are happening and now they are in a hurry. IMO, it is because there are performance clauses in the agreements that require an international rate…IMO. So, what is the timing of the vote.’s first on the agenda, not second, or third…FIRST! So when will they pay salaries? Things are moving quick as the citizens need payment and the CBI needs liquidity. Secondary markets…here comes Iraq!!! All IMO!