In Petra 

Article: “Finally, the 2021 budget is ready for approval in Parliament” Quote: “The Parliamentary Finance Committee will, next week, distribute copies of the revised draft of the Maronite law to the heads of political blocs 24 hours before the date of the voting session on the budget law.” The source pointed out that “next Monday is the day set for resuming parliamentary sessions and voting on the budget law.”  So, IMO, BIS requires at least 24 hours’ notice prior to any formal rate change within all CB’s around the world. They, in turn, relay that information back to all the CB’s globally. Now, if you read what I just posted the final “draft” will be sent…24 hours prior to the vote. Interesting timing. This may be something, maybe nothing, but it sure falls in line with rate before budget. They are to vote on Monday as Tuesday is their “last day of session!” So, timing is sure unique and allows the ledger to reflect the rate change retroactively back to Jan 1. Again, IMO.