In Petra 

Are we excited on where we are at??? ABSOLUTELY!!! We do mine the articles for validation of accuracy and continued process towards the RI and there have been many for sure. The key for everybody to understand is the need for DISCERNMENT as to what is real…and…the Dog and Pony show. So accurate a metaphor for where we are right now as we await the CBI to make the change. Question: How many contrary articles have you seen in the last 7-10 days. I would say..a lot!! …we are most excited but…what the media is doing in Iraq because…just tells us they are looking for headlines while the real “minds and hearts” of Iraq are focused on getting to the end game of the RI for…Iraq. So, chin up…the game is definitely afoot and I am excited to see what the “near proximal” future has to show us as we await the CBI, AND ONLY, the CBI to make their move.

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