In Petra 

Remember, the WP’s [White Paper’s] do NOT work at 1460 much less 1190 so the next move is on the CBI. Making the rate change is the door requiring unlocking for the Country of Iraq to welcome in the secondary markets and other International investors to walk on in.  We know there are “Billions” on the sideline just waiting to enter when their investment dollars can be protected, monitored, and moved as necessary to impact any investment in a positive direction. With the dropping of the PR [Program Rate ?] to 1460 on 12/20 it fueled inflation as well as the 21+% increase in price/cost of goods to the citizens. Therefore, IMO,  clearly, the excitement we saw yesterday was NOT as much the budget passed with the PR provided, but because the people know what is coming in the dropping of the 3 zero’s positively impacting their imminent purchasing power and providing opportunity for all! Yup!  Show time!!!

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