In Petra 

Stopping the auctions…nobody wants to be on the bad side of the equation. I consider it like hot potatoes. You didn’t want to be stuck with the hot potato when the music turns off. The banks are feeling the same way. They don’t want to be stuck holding that hot potato and they lose on the transaction. They’re very very conservative. IOO they are being very wise in holding off on those auctions until Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday of next week. There’s got to be a reason for that. Right now, the budget has not formally become law because it has not been signed by the president to our knowledge and it has not gone into the gazette. The president has between 3 and 15 days to sign that budget…we have until the 14th for that event to occur. Again, rate before budget. The rate has to be in that budget before it becomes law. We’re in quite a countdown now.

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